Does Kayla Itsines’ BBG Really Work?


First things first, this is a Kayla Itsines review so you should read with an open mind. We’re not here to sway you or ruin the said guide; we are just here to inform you of the different opinions people have about the product.

So what does BBG stand for? It stands for Bikini Body Guide which was created by Kayla Itsines, who is considered by many people out there as a fitness goddess. As stated by her, she once hated her body and did a tremendous amount of research on how to lose weight, the healthy way. Kayla Itsines became successfull and thus shared her knowledge to the world in order to help those who were once in her position.(PNG Image, 922 × 574 pixels)

What’s in the BBG work out?

Basically this is how it works: you won’t starve yourself, you will only need to do minimal exercises, there are eBook guides that you purchase which states what work out to do and what to eat. The BBG work out, which is alternatively called BBG 1.0, is done within twelve weeks. This is followed up by another exercise called the BBG2.0, which covers the twelfth up to the twenty fourth weeks. Kayla Itsines promised that you will end up with the bikini body of your dreams if you dutifully follow each workout guide without cheating.

What people like about it

Thousand of people have already downloaded her app, bought her eBooks and enrolled into her trials. As far as you can see in her website, there are tons of people swearing that it has worked miracles for them.

As we have read through all her guides, trials and reviews we could see that the workouts she suggested fit the everyday working person’s schedule. The workouts typically take 30 minutes a day and get gradually more difficult as the weeks go buy. Her BBG gives the user’s body time to adjust; this is great especially for those who don’t do regular exercises.

Of course as you exercise, you also need to adjust your eating habits and that’s where The Kayla Itsines Diet comes in handy. It’s actually a companion book to her BBG book bundle; the book provides a full two week meal plan alongside substitutions for all those diet no no’s that everyone craves for. Another plus for the users is the regular and vegetarian options that she included in her meal guide.


What they didn’t like

Well as the saying goes, you can’t please everyone. Okay, if you looked closely to the “cons” of the BBG, it’s not that it didn’t work. The exercise was never convenient for some, so they switched to a different diet guide, you’ll see why.

In all honesty, her guides and books are bought separately. It might not be an issue, who really cares if it’s not bundled up in a set? If you see the price of each, then you might care. The book ‘bundle’ consists of:

  • Bikini Body Workout Guide Weeks 1-12 (BBG 1.0)
  • Bikini Body Workout Guide Weeks 1-24 (BBG 2.0)
  • E.L.P Nutrition Guide
  • E.L.P Nutrition Recipe Guide

Essentially you need to buy these four books in order to stick with the BBG. Of course you can buy them at $69.97 for the first three and $19.97 for the fourth book. We’re going to let the total amount sink in for a bit. Kind of pricey, wouldn’t you agree?

Okay, so now that you have totaled the guides, we’re going to see what exercise equipments you’ll be purchasing. Yes you read right, you have to purchase exercise equipment. If you don’t purchase the equipment, then you won’t be able to follow the guide religiously. What you’ll need are a mat, dumbbells weighing 3-5 kilograms each, two benches, skipping rope, a medicine ball and more.

We know what you’re thinking “I can always go to the gym, they have a complete set of equipment”. That is an option, but you bought this guide because it suites your lifestyle and is convenient; going to the gym when you otherwise won’t takes away the convenience. Furthermore, the BBG was designed so you can workout at the luxury of your own home, but what if there’s no available space?

Lastly is the nutrition guide, yes the recipes really are nutritious but they are expensive as with most healthy alternatives. Also, the book should have been free since it’s only a companion to the actual workout guides.


There isn’t really a major downside to the workout itself; the only problem is the price. Thousands of people have testified that the BBG does work miracles for them. Many even stated that they have tried dozens of guides before and found luck with BBG. We recommend that you give it a try, but only if the overall guide fits your lifestyle, you already own most of the necessary equipment and you’re willing to spend money. Keep in mind that if it worked for others, it won’t necessarily mean that it will work for you.

River view luxury: Parc Reviera Condo

Parc Reviera Condo is a new launch of condominium which was won by EL Development. EL Development along with 5 other developers had given a winning bid of $314.1 million in order to receive the land for the development of condominium. The closure of the tender was held on 5 August 2015. According to EL Developers proximity of Jurong East Business District, Clement and other significant parts of Singapore to the plot of land is one such factor which lures the investors. The project of parc reviera condo will be put on for sale very soon and the completion of the condo is expected to be somewhere around in 2020.  Parc Riviera condo keeps you closer to friends, work, neighbourhood and family you love. Its gardens, parks and trails let you exercise, and spend time with your family, take a stroll with your dog without ever having to leave home. It is built on a large area of land approximately 18,908.7 sqm. This means that there is a great distance between the blocks which means that there is ample space for the residents and also their privacy remains unviolated.cheval-three-quays-luxury-two-bedroom-river-view-twin-bedroom

The not so cut and dried plans of EL Developers portends a leisurely lifestyle for the prospective residents of the condo. There will be a swimming pool wherein the owner of the Parc Reviera condo could wallow in joy and rest by the side of the pool. There will also be a tennis court and a function room to have small meetings and get together to be utilised by the residents for various purposes. Parc Reviera is a built at such a location which offers the best blend of romance and relaxation. Its location next to West Coast where owners can go on a walk by the park and the restaurants are the best places nearby to go on for dates and dinners.  Calm and convenient are best words that describe the place of Parc Reviera by EL Developers. IT is situated in the core of Clementi yet at the pacifying border of West Coast.

Jurong Lake district will undergo an articulate transformation due to the development project of Parc Reviera. The master plan of the development appends the change of Jurong into the next central business district as part of decentralising CBD. The current area of CBD is congested and crowded and the plan for Singapore to inroad into a business hub will entail more space for office and therefore this will have to be moved away from the packed area of CBD. The conveyance problems of the people will also be resolved because of the availability of various transportation options.

Parc Reviera condo is not much far from mature Clementi Town where you have a wide array of eateries and shopping centres are at your disposal.  321 Mall and Clementi Mall are available for the future Parc Reviera condo’s residents which are just a stone throw away.  JEM, JCube, Big Box as well as many other shopping centres are also available near Jurong East. The location of Ayer Rajah Expressway makes it very convenient for drivers to ply back home hassle free. The expressway does away with the need to traverse the sluggish traffic of major roads and minors roads on the way to reach Parc Reviera.floor-plans-of-our-luxury-apartments

For buyers who are planning to buy and stay at Parc Reviera condo, their stay is promised with a good bunch of facilities like shopping malls and West Coast Parc. Several schools are also in the vicinity so children will no longer have to travel far distances to reach their schools. For example Tanglin Primary School and Qifa Primary School are at short distance from Parc Reviera. The Japanese school might become an alternate choice for residents and international students. Not only educational institutions are available but there also a well established West Cost Market nearby to cater to your day to day needs. Recently the market has been expanded and opened and so the residents of Parc Reviera will be spoiled for choice.

Many buyers have conjectured that EL developers must provide a feeder bus to ply from Parc Reviera condo to Clementi Bus Interchange and Jurong East MRT Station, as Jurong has become a primary business centre and therefore people will be travelling from Jurong East to Parc Reviera. Therefore a bus from Parc Reviera will be an ideal option for commuters.

The serenity around the development is ensured by the river flowing in full spate to the left side of Parc Reviera in West Coast Vale. The residents can enjoy the scenic view in calmness in the garb of nature wrapping them around. The reservoir will mean the residents of Parc Reviera have unhindered views.

The Parc Reviera condos are starting at a price of $277,900 and the town homes are beginning at $399,900. The building details include a spacious and airy ceiling, large balconies, windows with double panes, floors with cemented flooring in between, walls constructed with the facility of sound proofing between the studs and added with plywood and dry wood and communal bike lockers. The bathrooms have quarts countertops, tub surrounded with polished glass accents, porcelain showers, tub fixtures, taps and porcelain flooring of tiles. The residents also have the luxury of front load dryer and washer, air conditioning technologies and geothermal heating, hardwood flooring of living, dining and kitchen areas and roller shades for privacy.

The apartment and town home residences of Parc Reviera have been constructed to extend space, windflow, light, and links to the natural environment around them. The residences are architectured in such a way as to form four to six storeys which maximize river view, light of the sun, and impart a feeling of openness. The town homes comprising of two and three levels are built across pedestrian-pro River Drive, reverberating the element of current single family houses that previously made the Tait neighbourhood. The Parc Riviera’s residences will not only give you every needed luxury, but also offer you a different standard of living.

Marina One Residences

I’m pretty sure we all want a good community with furnished houses for our families to live in. And with the current standards the world is setting, we want houses upgraded to the latest technologies, with the best security in hand to feel secure while we sleep at night. There must be parks around the community for our children to play in and other services like easy transportation and theatres and restaurants. There must be healthcare facilities and state of the art technologies. As a joint initiative of the Malaysian and Singaporean government, Marina One is being developed with extensive work and living areas.Marina-One-Residences-perspective-1

Marina One is still under construction but half of the property is already acquired and rest will be acquired soon if you are too slow with your moves. The plan was put in action on 11th July 2011. Mariana One is being developed into a residential, official and commercial area. Located in Marina South, Downtown Care this area is being developed into one of the most prime spots in the country and an area which will compete with some of the most prime official areas of the world. The Marina One Residences are being built into 34 floored building while the official and rental areas are being built into 30 floored structures. The architects of the project are a group called the Ingenhoven Architects and the developers and project managers comprise of two teams called UEM Sunrise Berhad and Mapletree Investments. The project was unveiled by the head of states of Singapore and Malaysia and is supposed to be completed by the end of 2017. The plans are to make Marina One, one of the financial centres of the world and Marina One residences, one of the most attractive places to live in the world.Picture12

It is being developed into a fabulous area for residential, lifestyle and commercial activities under the Urban Redevelopement authority. M+S Pte Ltd. The main developers are party owned by Malaysian strategic Investment fund called Khazanah Nasioanal and Singaporean investment company called Temasek. Marina One covers a total floor area of 3.67 million square feet and includes two, thirty four floored residential buildings and two, thirty floors of commercial and official towers. The heart of the area will be beautified with lush green parks and playgrounds and will give the entire Marina One a clean and refreshing look.

The total floor area of Marina One residence will be around 1.23 million square feet. A total of 1,042 apartments will be available in the two housing towers with flats ranging from one storied to four storied and will also include penthouses. The flats will be accustomed with the state of the art security systems with cameras everywhere to keep an eye on all the areas. The housing areas will also be complemented with shopping malls, gyms, sporting facilities and other recreational facilities to make the environment more homely. The transportation to the area will be top notch and if you don’t buy soon you might miss one hell of an opportunity to a good life.

Dental Implants – Dental Implants uk Cheapest

What’s a dental implant?

In layman’s terms, a dental implant serves as a replacement for the root or roots of a tooth, so that the tooth is not lost completely. The implants are not visible just like the roots of a tooth once they are surgically placed. These implants are used to secure the crowns of the tooth. The dental implants are made from titanium – titanium is a strong, lightweight material and is biocompatible; in other words, titanium is no rejected by the body. Titanium and its alloys are also used in many other implants such as, in orthopedic bone replacements.AAID_Fig1_color

When a tooth is lost due to decay or by some other means, the bone which supports it is lost too. Implants ensure that the bone remains and it also supports the jawbone, in turn supporting soft tissues like gums, lips, and cheeks. Dental implants help you to chew, smile and talk naturally and are helpful for your overall physical and psychological well-being.

History of dental implants:

Modern dental implants were first used in the 1970s. Recent history maintains that dental implants are largely successful and have improved in design and method significantly. The earliest record of dental implants is from 600 A.D, done by the Mayan civilization. Human skulls were discovered with some teeth being replaced with jagged pieces of jade stone, and sea shells. Even though the method and materials used were crude, there was actual fusion with the bone.

Now the technology is greatly improved and the dental implants operations are almost always successful. The implants now are made of different sizes depending on the tooth being replaced and are sandblasted to roughen the tooth to increase the surface area of attachment.bridge implants

How to know if you need dental implants?

If you have lost teeth, then you most likely require implants. However, it is necessary to get a full medical assessment to know if the implants are right for you. For example, if you have any diseases like uncontrolled diabetes, cancer or suffer from alcoholism then there is a chance that the implants might not fuse with the bone. Technology like computer imaging helps in the correct placement of dental implants.

The operation is performed by an experienced team of doctors which include – oral surgeon, periodontist, or any dentist that has advanced training in oral surgery.

Though the dental implants are pretty sturdy and are meant to last for a long time, it is essential to take care of the implants. You are required to have proper dental hygiene which includes brushing twice daily. You need to visit your dentist regularly as special instruments are required to keep the metal surfaces of the implants clean under the gums.

Dental implants in the UK:

There are many good clinics throughout the UK that perform these procedures. The dental implants uk cheapest are very reliable will solve all your dental problems. A good procedure should cost around 500 – 1500 pounds and not more than that. Before giving the affirmative for the treatment, it’s vital that you look into the proposed treatment and ask the doctor if he’s experienced in the field. For any queries, you can contact the Oral Health Foundation that closely works with the UK and will provide you with unbiased answers.

Suicide Squad movie – Suicide Squad full movie

The suicide squad is a movie which is set to hit the theaters soon and his based on the DC comics anti-hero team that goes by the same name. Talks for making the movie started in February 2009 and the film was later signed on by David Ayer to write and direct the project in September 2014. The film boasts a solid cast with big names like Will Smith, Jared Leto among the others. This is one of the most awaited movies of the year, and is surely one to watch!


Will Smith as Deadshot: maxresdefault

Deadshot is a superb marksman and a notorious assassin. During the day he is a mercenary but night he changes into a doting father. He is very internally disturbed; he enjoys catching his prey but at the same time he wants his daughter to be proud of him. Will Smith is flawless with his acting and performs his role with conviction.

Jared Leto as Joker:

This is Leto’s most challenging role to date. Playing a psychopathic supervillain is never easy but Leto will not disappoint, as the fans of the madman expect Leto to continue the legacy. Leto describes his role as “nearly Shakespearean”. Leto was so involved with his work that Will Smith went far as to say he never met him. Leto stayed alone and listened to 1920s Gospel music to prepare him for the role. Leto even consulted doctors and spent time with psychopaths to prepare himself better. It as David Ayer’s idea to add the tattoos to add a modern look to the badass villain!

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn:

Harley Quinn matches Joker in the crazy quotient. Quinn is crazy, deadly, scary and many other things. Quinn is involved in a very dysfunctional relationship with Joker. She is crazy about him, like literally but the relationship they share is extremely dysfunctional. Harley Quinn is one of the most manipulative members of the suicide squad and is feared for her lethal skills and intellect. Harley Quinn was originally a psychiatrist in Arkham asylum. The actor was primarily created for the “Batman: animated series”. The character branched off to other parts of the DC universe and later became an integral part of the suicide squad.DC_cast_embed_LARGE


As far as we know, the premise of the movie follows the same story as the comics. In the comics, the suicide squad is also referred to as the designated task force X. In the movie, a team of super villains is formed by the government to go on dangerous missions. As the team comprises of the most-wanted criminals and are currently serving a sentence, there are no strings attached. They complete the mission, they survive to live another day; if they commit a mistake it’s game over for them. Microbombs are attached to these members so their loyalty is ensured.

There is an important chase scene between Batman and Joker in the movie; it’s however, unclear how Batman fits into the story. The suicide squad full movie can be streamed online as soon as the movie releases. Some can even pre-book the movie. This movie has the making of a blockbuster and the fans cannot wait to see it!

How To Purchase Real Estate In Israel

real estate 2

When it comes to choosing real estate in Israel, there are some things you will need to consider. There are tons of properties you will be able to choose from, whether you are looking for a home for your family, or an office space for your company. But with these vast number of choices will come a responsibility for you to choose wisely. After all, it’s a big investment and you would not want to be overspending or wasting your money on something that may end up being a scam in the long run! So before you choose the real estate property you are planning to buy, make sure you are knowledgeable with real estate and how it works.

Know All About Real Estate

Knowing about real estate and its basics will help you become a wise buyer. That way, you will avoid any scams or questions in the long run, saving you a lot of time, money, and effort. The proper research should be done, as well as consulting trusted professionals or family and friends who have went through similar processes when purchasing real estate, or have worked in the business. If not, there are online articles like these that are able to fully inform your about what to do when purchasing real estate in Israel.

real estate 1

Here are some things to consider when purchasing real estate:

  1. Type of property – You must know what you’re purchasing! There are different types of properties to choose from, whether you will be purchasing a condo or home, or an office space or whole building. Evaluate what you or your business needs.
  2. Budget – Determine your budget to further filter your choices. That way, it will be less of a hassle to choose from the many properties available for investment, as well as you being able to know how much you are able to spend.
  3. Legality – You will be working with companies or agents selling real estate in Israel, so it’s best to know about its reputation and if they are legally selling these properties. Learn about their company, as well as check their feedback from other clients. Once you are assured that they are reputable and reliable, then you can start asking for quotes and deals.
  4. Process – Depending on the property you are getting, there are different types of processes you will have to go through, some being time consuming or costly. Research about these processes and be sure that you are familiar with their costs and how they go.

real estate 1


These are just some factors to ponder upon when interested on real estate in Israel. There are other things to consider, as well as some things to learn. Make sure you are well aware and purchase from reputable companies or agents that will provide you with the right property you need. Enjoy your property the right way and be a smart consumer through purchasing legal and quality properties that will become good investments in the long run.

Knowing More About The Quad Stickers


These days, there are so many people all over the globe who are buying ATVs. ATV actually means All-Terrain Vehicle. This is a vehicle that has a car-like body and a motorcycle-like head part. It is made to be used in all kinds of terrains, specially on the rough roads ones. Your car and motorcycle may develop some issues specially on their inner parts if used in rocky and rough roads. But with the use of ATV, there is no rocky road that you cannot pass through. As a matter of fact, ATVs are usually utilized in agricultural matters like going to farms. Countries like India, South Africa, Canada, USA, and United Kingdom are widely utilizing such amazing and extremely useful vehicle.

As an ATV owner, you surely want to make your vehicle fresh looking at all times since it will reflect on your personality whatever the appearance of your vehicle. Let’s say it is very dirty and unappealing to the eyes, people would definitely conclude that you are an irresponsible owner. This is the main reason why you need to make sure that it looks great inside and out. Keep in mind that if it is defective inside, then its great appearance will be useless at all. One way of beautifying and making your ATV as if it is newly bought is decorating it with quad stickers.

What are Quad Stickers?

Can-Am Outlander 1000 2012 Graphics Kit R MH

The truth is, these stickers are some kinds of ATV graphics that you can paste on your ATVs in order for them to look great and new. Needless to say, it is your responsibility to take good care of your vehicle, and beautifying its entire appearance is one of those responsibilities of yours. In case your ATVs look dull and lifeless, then these stickers are the solutions that you should take advantage of. These days, there are a number of sellers of these stickers, whether online or offline. Because of this, you surely cannot say that you cannot find any quad sticker seller. They are almost everywhere. You can usually buy these stickers in hardware stores or car related stores. Just be patient enough to look for them.

The thing is, not all of the sellers of these stickers are reputable enough. Meaning to say, there are some of these sellers who are only aiming for your money, without giving the best quality stickers that you and your hard earned money deserve. Because of this, you need to be very careful in searching for a seller. You can take advantage of the internet, of course. Try to search for the most reliable sellers of quad stickers are compare their reputation and the quality of their stickers. In this way, you can be sure that you are only getting nothing but the best of these stickers.

What to Consider in Choosing the Best Stickers

As said, there are so much variations that you can find when it comes to quad stickers. Because of this, it might be a little bit confusing for you to choose which one you should buy for your ATV. Always put it in your mind that it is not only your vehicle that is at stake here, but also your reputation as the owner of the said vehicle. This goes to show that being careful in choosing is extremely important. With that being said, here are some of the considerations that you need to take in order to find and buy the best stickers:

  • The Design

The number one thing you have to take into account in choosing ATV graphics is of course, the design. The design is certainly the number one factor that can enhance the appearance of your ATV. In case the design is dull, then it is expected that your vehicle will also look dull. If you are a masculine man, then it would not be appropriate for you to choose pink colored stickers that are designed with beautiful and colorful flowers of course. Choose a design that can enhance and emphasize your masculinity and the masculine appearance of your vehicle.


  • The Size 

Of course, you must consider the size. Be sure to be familiar first how wide the space you need to beautify with these stickers on your ATV. In this way, you will know the quantity of the stickers that you need to purchase.

  • The Price

You must set your own budget before purchasing. Remember that these stickers are not something that you need to buy in very expensive prices. There are many stickers out there that look great, yet they are priced cheaply.

Be careful in choosing if you don’t want to find yourself regretful in the long run.

Shooting Games Online- Top Shooting Unblocked Games


Shooting games are a genre in games and a subgenre in action games. As the name implies, these games are generally designed with the purpose of shooting the enemy and progress through to the next level or here they call it as “missions”.

Shooting games can be played offline as well as online. In offline mode, it is possible to play solo and though it is possible for multiplayer it takes a lot of effort in connecting various players through servers.

An easy way to play the multiplayer is using the online games where you can fight with the gamers all around the world.


The shooting games have several subgenres based on the type of game. They are

  • First person shooters- These are the games that have the on-screen view that provides simulation from the player’s point of view. It will look like the player is actually playing in the screen.
  • Third-person shooters- In this the game is seen from a third-person angle. So, everything will be clearly visible.
  • Hero Shooters- This genre is mainly used in multiplayer games where each player can see his own First person in their respective screen.

Shooting games are always criticized for promoting terrifying events and violence. There are proven cases where several accused have claimed that they have used the game plans to locate or gain the target details.

Some of the shooting unblocked games that can be played online are

  • Doom
  • Sniper Team
  • Sniper Team 2
  • Bowman
  • Warzone Battle
  • Alien Attack team 2
  • Foxy Sniper
  • Stealth Sniper
  • Shooting Engine
  • Military wars
  • Clear Vision


There are some wonderful offline games that all gamers must check out. Some of the top ranked shooting unblocked games are

  • Counter Strike
  • Call of Duty
  • Battlefield
  • Crysis
  • Mass Effect

Corporate Team Building Singapore


Explore about the highly Adventure Based Experiential Learning programmes of FOCUS Adventure Training Centre. It is one of the region’s most extensively done outdoor adventure and thrill training facility, FOCUS provides with  programmes which is  very user friendly and flexible and banquet and conference packages can also be merged with the FOCUS programmes, luxurious accommodation can also be integrated in it.

On the basis of the fact that people learn most when they live the thing or activity they are involved in and become a part of it themselves. Experiential training in the corporate team building Singapore has been proved to drastically improve the skills of a team as well as an individual.

The quality one learns in corporate team building in Singapore are:

  1. Strategic planning:

People learn to plan strategies and get to know the best ways to come out of a worst situation in the best way possible.


  1. Communication:

People learn to communicate and share ideas and plans.

  1. Management:

Participants learn to manage resources under different situations and also to utilize them to the fullest.

  1. Decision making:

Participants learn to make important decisions when it come on there head i.e. when they actually face a difficult situation.

  1. Personal/ group motivation:

While performing tasks individually or in group, participants learn to appreciate the efforts.

  1. Initiative taking:

Participants when work in a team then they involve themselves in talking initiative of one or the other work.

  1. Leadership:

This is a quality that comes with responsibility and experience, and in teambuilding participants get both.

  1. Problem solving:

It is one of the most important ability one learns when they face crisis, and teambuilding makes the participants face many such situations.

  1. Communication:

When people work in a team then they learn how to communicate and teambuilding makes people learn it.

  1. Teambuilding:

This is one  of the most important quality that the participants learn in corporate team building Singapore.


Corporate team building Singapore also involves escape room which is one of the most popular activities in Singapore. We can make our corporate team building experiences adventurous and worth sharing i.e. we go for escape room activities. In team building escape room participates play in teams and they are locked in a room where they find some clues, they have to crack those codes and escape from the room, the game is not only about escaping from the room but also the race is against time, the team which can complete the task earlier wins the game.

Another company Rooms raider SG, provides the best events for corporate team building Singapore. The company provides such an atmosphere where the clients can get mixed with the staff so as to ease their equation.Also the company takes all the necessary steps so as to bring the necessary changes in the workforce and also enhances the capability of the workers to think out of the box i.e. something different and creative. The escape rooms are designed in such a way that the workforce can enhance their problem solving capabilities. At times the company also sees that the escape room also has problem solving involved so that the people can enhance their skills.

Kratom – Why To Buy Kratom Powder


Kratom is a tree found in southeast Asia. Kratom’s scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa. It’s a species that is endemic to southeast Asia and can be found in places like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo etc. The Kratom tree belongs to the family of coffee. Kratom tree leaves are being used for a long time now, because of its therapeutic properties. Kratom is used by the folklore for home made remedies. It acts as a stimulant if given in low doses, and if administered in high dosage it acts a sedative. Kratom is known to cure diseases like diarrhea, and it is also used as a painkiller; a recreational drug; to treat opium addiction. Some people also maintain that Kratom is an effective means of treatment for dangerous diseases like arthritis, fibromyalgia etc.

How is Kratom consumed?

In the places where Kratom is found naturally, people usually consume it by chewing fresh leaves. The central stringy vein is removed to ease the chewing. Sometimes, even dried leaves are consumed but since they are tough, many crush the leaves to make it into a powder so that they can swallow it easily. There are numerous ways in which you can consume Kratom. The powder can be mixed with water, or it can be added to fruit juices and milk to improve the taste. One way of consuming Kratom is by making a tea out of it. Dried leaves boiled and then strained to make a tea. An extract can also be taken from the tea residue which can later be mixed with hot water for later consumption. People like to form their own concoction by mixing herbal or black tea. Honey or sugar can be added according to your preference to sweeten the drink.


Dosage – The different types of Kratom vary in strength. For example, dried leaves are less strong in comparison with powder or resin. Be careful while selecting the doses. 5-10 grams of dried leaves and 3-5 grams of powder would suffice for beginners. Do not make it a habit of consuming Kratom and take it only once or twice a month. If you are a regular user, though, you may feel the need to increase the dosage.

Side effects associated with Kratom:

Chronic users of Kratom experience some serious side effects like weight loss, loss of appetite, darkening of the skin color of the face, obstruction of the bowel, constipation, and delay in ejaculation. Apart from these, users have also reported withdrawal symptoms like a runny nose, irritability, and diarrhea. An independent study performed only on chronic Malaysian users shed some light on other problems like difficulty in sleeping, muscle spasms, appetite loss, fever, and psychological problems. However, withdrawal symptoms are usually mild and can be treated with prescription drugs.

Kratom was prohibited in Thailand, effective August 3, 1943, which made planting trees illegal and required felling of all the other trees. However, the law has not proven to be effective since a large part of Thailand still believe in the medicinal properties of Kratom and it is still being used by tribes all over.


Procurement and use of Kratom leaves are also banned in Malaysia under section 30 Poisons Act 1952.  Any citizen who is found having possession can be imposed a heavy fine.

Food and Drug Administration Agency (FDA) of the United States, a leading authority in the field has a placed a chemical concern drugs containing Kratom. The Alabama state outlawed Kratom and all pharmacies were required to remove drugs containing Kratom from their shelves.

Despite all the negative effects, if taken in minimal doses, and very carefully; a person suffering from serious ailments ca surely benefit from it. To buy Kratom Powder you can browse through scores of trusted websites on the internet. Some of them even offer free shipping which could turn out to be a good deal. Happy Kratom shopping!